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Bob Lind, Published April 29 2012

Lind: Giving directions from nowhere

Neighbors received a phone call some years ago that it can’t forget. It’s been on hold because Neighbors didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. Hopefully by this time, it’s OK to tell of this call from one highly frustrated guy.

He didn’t give his name. All he said about himself was that he’d lived at the same address in this region for 45 years.

The deal was this: He wanted the gas company to turn on the gas for his swimming pool’s heater. So he called the company.

“After my fingers got numb going through the menu,” he said, “I finally got a live person.”

He told her what he wanted, which led, he said, to this conversation:

The company representative: “How do we get to your place?”

He: “You have my address.”

She: “But we might have a new driver.”

He: “Where will he be coming from?

She: “I have no idea.”

He: “How can I tell him how to get here if I don’t know where he’s coming from: north, south, east, west, wherever?”

She: “I’m sorry, but I really don’t know.”

Well, the man told Neighbors, “We went ’round and ’round. The address just didn’t do it for her. So I finally hung up.

“I just had to tell someone,” the frustrated guy said, “So I called you.”

Neighbors never did learn the caller’s name. Or if he ever got the gas turned on.

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