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Sherri Richards, Published April 26 2012

Five Things Friday: Five dollar-store craft projects

Editor’s note: "5 Things Friday" is a weekly feature in SheSays that will run on – you guessed it – Fridays. It will focus on quick tips, ideas, activities and more – all in bunches of five. If you have a “5 Things Friday” suggestion, contact us at shesays@forum


Crafting can be costly, considering the cost of specialty supplies. But cute crafts can be done for mere dollars. These five craft projects all feature materials purchased at a dollar store.

Some can be fun projects to tackle with the kids.

The Festive Spring Baskets would be perfect for May Day on Tuesday.

  1. Glitter Candles

    Wrap double-stick tape around a dollar store candle in whatever pattern you like. Once you’re done adding strips, carefully remove the plastic backing from the tape.

    Hold the candle over a pan, and use a spoon to sprinkle glitter onto the candle. Use a paintbrush to brush off excess glitter.

  2. Door Stop Monster

    Purchase a nubby microfiber mitt at the dollar store. Snip two holes at the top of the mitt and insert pipe cleaner as antenna.

    Cut the elastic band off the mitt and hot glue it to the bottom of a plastic food container that’s about the same size as your mitt. Fill the container with rocks or sand to weigh down your door stop, and then close the lid tightly.

    Stuff a plastic bag at the top of the mitt to puff up your monster. Stretch the mitt over the rock-filled and sealed container, stopping where the mitt slightly overlaps the elastic and the plastic-filled head seems full. Glue in place with hot glue.

    Draw eyeballs on white ping pong balls using a fine tip permanent marker. Hot glue ping pong balls to monster.

  3. Three-Dollar Heart Frames

    This project uses white dollar store frames that have ribbons attached. Ribbons can be added if frames are plain. Also look for scrapbook paper and stickers at the dollar store.

    Cut squares of heart-patterned scrapbook paper to fill frame, using frame insert as template.

    Cut 1-inch squares from coordinating scrapbook paper. Decorate these squares with small heart stickers. Frame large squares of paper and attach smaller squares to frame’s glass using foam glue dots. Or adhere a larger sticker to background paper before framing.

    This project can be used for other seasons or holidays by choosing different patterns of paper and stickers.

  4. Dollar Store Flower Necklace

    For this project, you’ll need a pearl choker, 4 feet of half-inch ribbon, a flower from a dollar store bouquet, a brooch pin, hot glue gun and miscellaneous pearls, buttons or beads.

    Cut the ribbon into two 24-inch lengths. Close the clasp of the pearl choker and position it on one side.

    Fold one strip of ribbon in half. Pass the folded end around the choker, and then pass the ends of the ribbon through the fold. Pull up to attach the ribbon to the choker. Repeat with the other strip of ribbon on the opposite side of the choker, letting one strand of the choker hang lower than the other.

    Fold the flower in half, remove the bottom base of the flower, and cut off the protruding stem with scissors. Apply hot glue into the center of the remaining stem and all around on the bottom layer of the flower petal. When the glue has cooled, open the layers and apply a dot of glue between each layer so the flower won’t fall apart.

    Hot glue a pearl (or button or bead) in the center of the flower. Hot glue a circle of pearls around it. Apply hot glue between the pearls and drop small beads into the hot glue.

    Hot glue a brooch pin on the back of the flower. Pin the flower on one side of the necklace. Tie the ribbons around the neck.

  5. Festive Spring Baskets

    Use an X-Acto knife to cut an oatmeal container in half. Use the lid as the bottom for one of your baskets.

    Cut a strip of colored paper the length and width of the basket and use spray glue to adhere it to the container. Punch two holes on the opposite sides of the container and string a ribbon through for the handle.

    Decorate the basket using materials of your choice – such as dollar-store fabric flowers, ribbons or buttons – and a glue gun.

Projects and photos courtesy of http://charlottesfancy.com, www.favecrafts.com, http://theivycottageblog.blogspot.com, http://itsapricelesslife.blogspot.com