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SheSays staff reports, Published April 25 2012

Vote now for Beautiful Woman for May

The nominations are in for May’s Beautiful Woman, and now’s your chance to have a say in who you’d like to see featured in SheSays on May 13.

Go to http://beautifulwomenof.areavoices.com to read more about each woman and to vote for one of the following nominees.

Vicki Berg

She is a person who can touch any person she meets (including strangers) within five minutes. She works in the West Acres Mall and everyone I meet who knows her always tells me what a friendly, caring person she is.

Right now she is going through her mother dying of cancer – with probably only a day or a few more – and yet she still keeps a great attitude and stays strong for her family.

I think one of the most special things about her is her kindness to the downtrodden, the people considered “outcasts,” and people with mental illness.

She goes through the constant pain of fibromyalgia, yet she keeps such a positive outlook and very rarely complains.

She would give her last dollar to anyone she felt needed it more than she did! When we have been out in public many times the group we are with will look around to see where she went and here she’s talking to total strangers like they were long lost friend! She practically knows their whole life story after about 15 minutes of talking to them.

Unlike most of us who only use the time that someone else is talking to think of what we are going to say next, she truly listens intently and could probably quote everything the other person said word for word. And she truly care about their troubles in life.

The reason I know all this is because I’m her son.

Nominated by her son, Brent

Irma Ciber

Irma Ciber is not only my sister, and a strong and ambitious person, but she is my mother figure. Growing up, coming from a war-torn country, losing our mother to kidney failure from third-degree burns at the age of 9 and 3, and being shifted from one country (Bosnia) to another (Italy) by ourselves, she was always my rock.

From being placed in a hospital due to third-degree burns, with no family members around nor the ability to speak Italian, to being adopted by total strangers, never did I have to worry if we were going to be OK, because I knew my sister would find a way.

Two years later, we found ourselves as refugees in Fargo to be closer to our maternal family and to be reunited with our father, who had been a soldier through the war in Bosnia.

My sister was the only one I could rely on. She was my idol and that mother figure that I needed. You may wonder how she managed to do it all being young herself. Well, my sister is that golden character. It’s because of her can-do attitude that she managed to pull through while making sure that I was taken care of.

Irma has gone through a lot of burdens in her life and yet without much guidance, she ended up graduating with bachelor’s in business administration from North Dakota State University. She is looking to further her degree and go back to attain her master’s degree in hospital management.

She currently works for a nonprofit organization, Family HealthCare Center, a community health center that serves those who are uninsured, underinsured, homeless, or those that are in need of a medical home. She is an amazing mother to her 2-year-old daughter, Lamya.

She has witnessed a lot and nothing stopped her or is stopping her from succeeding and bettering herself and her family. She is a beautiful person, inside and out! Did I forget to mention that she always has a smile on her face?

Nominated by her sister, Dijana

Nichole Peschong

Nichole has a unique life. Married to a North Dakota State Trooper and residing in a small town, she faces many challenges most women, wives and moms don’t. Nichole has to be constantly on.

She does not have time to rest. Working 45 miles away from home and commuting every day leaves little time in her day for the extras most women enjoy. Keeping this work schedule in mind, she also takes care of two very energetic boys, ages 6 and 4, and we are expecting a girl in July.

Nichole’s most unique challenge is the life of a wife to a cop. From crazy schedules, missed dates, eating dinner alone with the kids, and the stress that unfortunately follows me home, she keeps a positive attitude and smile on her face.

The wife of a cop often deals with more stress than the cop. Having to live in a small community where everyone knows everybody can raise challenges. Nichole has dealt with angry violators who verbally release their frustrations on her, has lost friends, and had people not talk to her simply for what I do for a job.

Nichole does not miss a beat. She continues to build strong community relationships with neighbors and other community members. I believe the most beautiful woman is not only a woman who has beauty on the outside, but also the inside.

Such things as integrity, caring for people, love for family, and love for your neighbor places Nichole as a perfect candidate for this.

Nominated by her husband, Matt

Beautiful Women is a monthly feature that appears in SheSays and WDAY-TV.