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Bob Lind, Published April 22 2012

Lind: Roommate fully clothed in shower

Roommates have been known to do strange things. But going into the shower while wearing pajamas?

Yes, this once happened.

It was during the National 4-H Club Congress in 1952 in Chicago.

Chet Larson, now of Fargo but then of rural Enderlin, N.D., writes that he had the honor of being a delegate to the congress.

His hotel roommate there was another delegate, Earl Johnson, Maddock, N.D.

One morning while getting ready to attend the congress, Chet says he went into the bathroom and found Earl in the shower with his pajamas on.

“Needless to say,” Chet writes, “I said, ‘Earl, what are you doing?’ ”

What he was doing was sleeping standing up.

No, he hadn’t turned the water on. If he had, it probably would have been a wakeup call.

Later during their stay in Chicago, the guys attended a broadcast of Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club, where audience members were given cards to fill out.

Earl wrote about the shower incident and was selected to be interviewed on the program.

Chet wonders if Earl or anyone else remembers hearing the shower story on the Breakfast Club 60 years ago.

And Neighbors wonders if there are any other funny roommate stories, past and present, out there.

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