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Sr. Mary Margaret Mooney, Published April 22 2012

Letter: Ryan budget proposal hurts children, elderly

There is a lot that could be said about the Ryan budget, but not much that can be said for it. While it reduces federal spending, it does so by draining the life-blood from education, job creation and infrastructure. While protecting the powerful and wealthy, it puts children and elderly at risk.

It keeps in place $40 billion in tax giveaways for big oil, but shreds the health care services on which seniors count. It trashes the bipartisan farm bill, which contained not only support for farmers but also food for the needy. It is a sad day when America chooses greed over the common good and quick, slick fixes over prudent, strategic vision.

Before making a final decision on how we allocate resources, we would be wise to reflect on Proverbs 14:31 “To oppress the weak insults the Creator. Kindness to the needy honors the Creator.”