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Dale Heger, Fargo, Published April 21 2012

Say no to GOP establishment

Well, it looks like the established Republicans will get their way this election. It looks like Mitt Romney will get the nomination. Now that will be a big mistake.

Romney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a yes man. He’ll say yes just to say what the people want to hear and then do just the opposite. He’ll be a perfect puppet for the established Republicans.

Romney is against President Barack Obama’s health care policy, yet he passed a similar bill as governor in Massachusetts. He says he is against gun control, yet he passed a gun control bill as governor. He doesn’t understand working-class people because he never worked a day in his life. I mean hard, blue-collar work. He was born with a silver spoon in his hand, and everything he got he either inherited or it was given to him.

The established Republican Party is corrupted with power. George Washington was afraid that the government would get to be too big. Both Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan would definitely not approve.

Since the establishment

doesn’t want to lose its power, it threw Duane Sand and Herman Cain out of the North Dakota Republican Convention.

It’s time for a revolution. It’s time for the people – the working-class people – to take back America from the corrupted politicians in Washington. First, let us re-elect Obama. Second, let us vote out all those who are in office right now. Let us vote for term limits for those in Congress and Senate.

This election, vote for the opposite candidate who isn’t in office. We must not let the established Republicans win with their choice of Romney. He’ll be another George W. Bush.