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Heath Grayson, Fargo, Published April 17 2012

Absurdity enshrined on Page One with Forum’s prom dress report

When a teenager’s inability to maintain a schedule makes front-page news (Forum, April 13), it makes one question whether our society has deteriorated to a point of absurdity.

First concern: Advertising a soon-to-be graduate who cannot count or arrive at her job on time, or who has serious budgeting priority issues, does not say much for our future as a community. In a time when people are unable to pay their mortgages, seeking employment to survive and trying to instill core values in their children, do we really need to have this trivial lack of discipline flaunted as important to the community?

This student knew the rules, expectations and recourse to her choices. Please don’t waste your readers’ time or vilify a school for attempting to maintain standards of acceptable behavior. We all know that the next article will blame the same school for ill-prepared graduates that are incapable of functioning in the community successfully.

Second concern: Including ludicrous, ignorant quotes from a secondhand source that has no relevance to the issue adds no validity to the story. Do readers really need to relive the last election with uniformed comments about Russia?

Our state and nation have myriad rules and regulations that citizens must comply with or face fines, criminal charges and consequences ranging from minimal to severe.

A student prohibited from attending an extracurricular function due to her errors during the academic day should not raise an outrage from our local media outlet. Does this issue not seem irrelevant in comparison to the more far-reaching, actual struggles that face our children of today?

Thank you, Forum, for once again focusing your reporting on dragging an educational institution through the proverbial mud for attempting to create a safe academic environment that develops well-rounded, critical-thinking, ethical citizens. We all know what is most important to the world, including Russia, is that $700 dress!

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