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Charlie Henderson, Barnesville, Minn., Published April 16 2012

Forum takes lead in race to bottom

A few months ago, a local TV newscast replaced its 40-something female anchor with a 20-something blonde. The former anchor was an award-winning, trusted, well-respected journalist. The only thing the replacement has shown me is her cleavage and her preference for tight clothing.

A few weeks ago, the only radio station in the F-M area playing classic rock music changed its format. It has embraced “FM Talk” and begun airing Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talking heads.

And just a few days ago, on April 13, this newspaper chose to run a front-page story about a local teenager who might not get to go to her senior prom. I read the story completely and had to ask myself, is this news?

I have raised three boys to adulthood. Ask any parent of teenagers, boys or girls, and you will likely get the same response. Teenagers losing focus on what they need to do, while concentrating on what they want to do, is normal. Kids sometimes make bad choices, forget important details, and like all of us, they sometimes just make mistakes. That’s life. Smart people learn from it and move on. But worthy of a front-page story?

That I just can’t understand. In the Fargo-Moorhead area, media outlets are engaged in a fierce competition. I call it “No advertising dollar left behind.” Yes, folks, it’s “the race to the bottom,” and The Forum just took the lead.