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David A.Query, Moorhead, Published April 13 2012

The spin doctors in full voice mode

Regarding “ND GOP declares 3rd is 1st” (Forum editorial, April 3):

I am not surprised in the least. This is the story around the country if you’ll do some checking.

I know my friends local Republican official John Trandem and talk-show host Scott Hennen will voice a differing opinion. For full disclosure: I am a Ron Paul Backer – “Branch Pauladian,” a term coined on Facebook by none other than Trandem. (It’s a disturbing and disrespectful term if you truly understand the evil that was perpetrated by our government all those years ago in Waco, Texas.) You won’t be surprised to know that I feel there were significant shenanigans that even placed Dr. Paul in second target rather than first.

But let’s assume for argument’s sake that Rick Santorum actually is the people’s choice. I’m fine with that. I want integrity in the vote, even when I don’t agree with the outcome.

In a Facebook posting, Trandem states that whoever wrote the editorial needs to get the facts straight. I would ask him just what the facts are that would allow the candidate who came in third to become the party’s nominee? Those should be some interesting mental gymnastics indeed.

I’ve seen postings abound of the authoritarian tactics of party “leaders” at the convention. (I wasn’t there.) Shutting off mics to stop any open debate from the floor? Really? Trandem has eluded in his postings that it was a procedural matter. I say damn procedure! This is our country’s future, not some high school debate club.

I know he and they are all about the rules of procedure – when those rules allow them to control the outcome. Both parties are corrupt, and it’s time to wake up to that fact.