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Kelan Oster, Oakes, N.D., Published April 12 2012

Romney can’t beat president

We as Republicans have really lost in the recent mind games. We let everyone tell us that Mitt Romney was the only person in the GOP who could beat President Barack Obama, and we believed them. This is completely false; Romney is the only person who will not win against Obama.

Romney takes so many issues off of the table: health care, abortion, gun control, an overbearing government and many others. When Romney says, “I will overturn Obamacare,” all Obama will say is, “Why would you get rid of something that we mimicked after your health care program you signed into law in Massachusetts and still stand up for?” This is one of the biggest issues in the race and really hurts the GOP to not be able to use this as ammo. He also has flip-flopped on so many different issues, which only fuels Obama’s fire.

I believe that Romney would make a much better president than Obama, but he can’t be a president if he never gets elected. We learned in 2008 that a moderate can’t beat candidate Obama – how can one beat incumbent Obama?