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Tracy Evavold, Published April 08 2012

Letter: ‘Knights of road’ tarnish image by dumping urine

There have been numerous opinions expressed in The Forum about the disrespectful act of urine-filled bottles being thrown into roadside ditches near the oil areas of western North Dakota. If those responsible for this disgusting type of litter won’t be shamed into following basic rules of civility, they should at least be held responsible and fined.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol has stated that it is difficult to catch these individuals in the act. Have we really gotten to the point where each trucker needs to have their fingerprints taken and accessed by law enforcement for means of providing justice and protecting the environment? The average citizen witnessing this criminal act should submit a detailed description of the littering vehicle to the proper authorities.

Along with increasing fines, a community service project should be attached to the penalty. For instance, they could help the volunteers from adopt-a-highway and the state highway maintenance crews who have to collect this litter.

If there aren’t enough rest stop facilities for drivers to relieve themselves, they should store these bottles in their vehicles until they are able to dispose of them properly.

Littering of garbage is against the law, but adding human waste to this crime is simply disgusting. These knights of the road are tarnishing their own reputation by breaking the law and polluting the environment.