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McClatchy Newspapers, Published April 05 2012

Bruce Goff houses were known for

• Unusual exteriors. They stand out in neighborhoods because of their interesting shapes. Parks’ Nicol house in Kansas City looks like a tepee.

• Geometric shapes. Unusual shapes were used in floor plans and details. The Nicol house features an octagonal floor plan with a circular family room and contains triangular windows and sinks.

• Shiny things. Ornamentation is abundant. Objects such as sparkling paisley tile and glass dime-store ashtrays play with light and cast reflections. In houses outside of Kansas City, Goff used feathers and coal as decorative applications.

• Color everywhere. Walls, tile, countertops, carpet and ornamentation are in bold hues.

• Lots of light. Although his houses stand out among the landscape, people can connect with nature because his houses are surrounded by windows and contain big skylights.

• Sensible floor plans. Living space is huge for entertaining. Private space, such as bedrooms, was kept small. Cabinetry and tables were often built into the home.