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Don Johnson, Published March 31 2012

Debt puts our children at risk

In the article in the March 17 Forum titled, “The tiny victims of identity theft,” it states that “Young children and some not even born yet are unwittingly falling prey to financial criminals.”

May I suggest that these youngsters have a much larger problem? I am talking about our nation’s outstanding debt of more than $15 trillion that is increasing by $400 billion a day – and will jump more than this as deficit spending continues in Washington. I have been trying to think of an acronym to use in place of the federal debt. How could we make the words federal debt more personal? Like our children and grandchildren’s debts are increasing $400 billion a day? Our leaders need to start thinking from their hearts instead of their greed.

I have read about the contest to suggest ways to spend $1 billion. Every contestant came up with spending the billion on ourselves. I am not in the contest, but how about setting an example for the other 49 states and stop taking federal (or, I mean, our children’s and our grandchildren’s) money?

At our next flood or drought or other catastrophe, let’s tell FEMA to stay in Washington. We’ll take care of it ourselves. And when all the water diversion plans are settled, let’s pay for it ourselves. And when our senators start bringing home the pork (hopefully they have sense not to), we’ll tell them to take it back to Washington.

We have an opportunity to be a strong example of what states are going to have to do to save our nation from bankruptcy.