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Guy Paulson, Published March 30 2012

Berg’s mailings purely political

I read with interest how Alee Lockman (spokeswoman for Rep. Rick Berg, R.-N.D.) justified Berg’s spending of $190,000 of taxpayers’ money for “official mailings” to people in North Dakota (see Page 1, Forum, March 10).

Duane Sand (Republican candidate for the state party’s Senate endorsement) was quoted as characterizing the mailings as “purely political”: I agree with his characterization.

Lockman was quoted as saying that Berg is “always looking for different ways to reach out to people” and pointed out that he received some responses to the mailings.

I received mailings from Berg (three similar mailings over a few-week period). After I received a third mailing, I responded and told (signed written statement) Berg that I did not want to receive any more of his mailings. I assumed Berg or his staff would read my response and stop sending mailings to me. That was a bad assumption. Subsequently, I received two more similar mailings from Berg (also prepared and mailed at taxpayer expense).

This suggests that either responses to Berg’s mailings are not read or requests from responders are ignored. In either case, it indicates to me that the mailings sent out by Berg (costing taxpayers $190,000) were meant to tell North Dakotans what he wants us to believe – or as Sand said, were “purely political.”