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Jeff Skjelver, Published March 23 2012

Get United States out of Afghanistan

It’s time we got out of Afghanistan. The recent massacre of 16 Afghan civilians by at least one service member is the latest example of our failed military strategy there. This soldier was on his fourth deployment, and we know that multiple deployments increases the chances of such irrational behavior. However, this incident points to a larger pattern that has me convinced there is no military solution in Afghanistan.

Continued civilian killings via the U.S. military policy of drone strikes and night raids undermines any hope for stability in Afghanistan and inflames the Afghan public, 42 percent of whom live in extreme poverty. Instead, we should support diplomatic and humanitarian efforts there involving players from the entire region, and with Afghan women at the table.

Congress can no longer justify spending $2 billion a week in Afghanistan. I’ll be urging my representative to speak out in support of H.R. 780, which ends funding for everything but troop withdrawl. I am not alone in this. The latest poll shows that 60 percent of Americans say the war in Afghanistan is not worth fighting, and 54 percent say that we need to get out – even before Afghan security forces are fully trained.