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Forum staff reports, Published March 19 2012

Rock fans vent about 102 FM's shift into a news radio format

Change can be a very disruptive force.

We’re reminded of that by some fans of the former Rock 102 FM radio station, which recently shifted to a talk news format and renamed itself 101.9 TALK, who expressed their frustrations about the format change on Inforum.com.

Some mentioned how they’ll miss Rock 102’s on-air personalities. A few discussed how there aren’t enough rock radio stations in Fargo-Moorhead. But most typed out their outrage over the fact that their beloved radio station had morphed into a talk show motif – with many believing that style should be left on the AM airwaves.

Below is a selection of some of the readers’ responses.

And while we’re certain there are people who enjoy the newly-christened 101.9 TALK, we didn’t receive any notes expressing that sentiment.

• With the limited choices we have for music here in Fargo this is probably the stupidest thing they could have done. Pretty sure we don’t need another talk radio station here in the valley. Especially one with Rush (Limbaugh) on it. Poor decision that will come back to bite them.

Derek C.


• Enough with talk radio – I have deleted this channel from my radio favorites.

Kenneth Schnabel


• I care little for talk (read: opinionated) radio whether it is politically-based, sports-based or any other venue. I would be much more interested in an all-news, straight news format that allows me to listen and form my own opinions.

Stu Brown

• No one needs or likes more biased conservative radio talk. I hope it gets no commercial ads.

Frank Aabye

• There are a lot of fans of music who didn’t listen to talk radio on purpose – it’s a very divisive format. Radio stations often change formats and eventually the fans find another outlet, but switching to hate radio is a bad move. I’m especially disappointed in Joel Heitkamp who admitted on his show this morning that he had a hand in creating the station. Terrible news for our region to add more hate speech during an election year. Our public airwaves are weighted very heavily to the right already.

John M. Jorgensen


• I listen from Minneapolis. I want the STAG morning show back and the greatest music known to man. Please bring back the ROCK!

Sammi Olinger


• I want STAG back ASAP!!! Scotch Rulz!

P.S., talk radio can stay on AM!

Chrystal Lura

Hawley, Minn.

• I am very disappointed with the change. It was the best rock ’n’ roll station in the area and there aren’t that many to choose from in the first place.

Susanne Haga

Vergas, Minn.

• Used to listen to 101.9 at work and at home from at least 5 a.m. to at least 7 p.m. Not after today. Will have to find a new station.


Casselton, N.D.

• Bring back the music … there are enough political talk shows on.


West Fargo

• I can’t stand the change in the station. Rock 102 has been a staple in my commute of 1 hour to and from work every day! The Rock 102 crew has made my extra 2 hours in my vehicle each day not seem so bad! Why must every good station all of a sudden change? Leave the “talk radio” where it should be … on the AM stations!

Keithann Little

Page, N.D.

• What a weird switch. I can’t imagine someone with sound decision-making skills saying, “Yes! Let’s add Rush Limbaugh to our lineup. He’s certain to bring loads of advertisers.” This will be the first time I’ve gone from actively listening to a radio station to actively avoiding it. I’ll miss Dee’s House of Hair Cuts and Getting the Led Out terribly. But as the Crue so aptly put it, this listener won’t go away mad, I’ll just go away.

Kelly Yanke Deltener

Erie, N.D.

• I was shocked and saddened to learn that Rock 102 was changing its format. I always keep the radio tuned to classic rock stations. I have no idea how many talk radio stations exist in this area, but I guess the station felt it would be more profitable to make the change. For me, I have ten presets on my car radio, but now only one will be programmed.

Dale Otremba


• This station has been a favorite of mine since it moved to the rock format years ago. I will now be deleting it from my preset dial and move on to 107.9. FM has enough talk radio stations and removing a classic rock station to go to talk format (whether liberal or conservative) doesn’t make much sense to me.

Greg Krier

• I am very unhappy about the change on Rock 102 going to a news talk format. I listen to FM because I like the rock music. If I wanted talk radio, I’ll switch to AM. The day this change is made, I will be finding another radio station or listening to more CDs or my iPod. In the light of everything Rush Limbaugh has said, I cannot believe that he will get any more air time. What a joke!

Sandi Brennan

West Fargo

• I’m seriously disappointed in the change. I live in Dazey, N.D., and Rock 102 is the only decent rock station that comes in out here, and now it’s talk radio. I don’t have a problem with talk radio, just why did they have to take Rock 102? They should have gotten rid of a country station, we’ve got plenty of those.

Jena Jorissen

Dazey N.D.

• Very disappointed in the change. Scotch, Tank & Ginger made my mornings! I also enjoyed the rest of the crew. I have already re-programmed the radio station to a different station in my house and car. If I want to listen to talk radio at all or catch up on the news, I would just go to KFGO briefly and return to the music.

Julie Schnabel


• I really think it’s a dumb idea, if we wanted to listen to talk radio we would tune into AM ! Duh!



• Until today, the presets in my car have been fairly balanced; three Rock, three “pop.” With 101.9 changing formats, I’ve been listening to the radio on “scan” in my car this weekend. I don’t know what station I’ll pick to replace it, but I know for sure that I will be replacing it. I don’t have room for anything as negative as “talk radio” in my life.

Ian Parmenter

• Talk radio has always been on AM radio, let’s keep it this way. Some corporate heads think our community is on the verge of being Chicago or New York, do we really need four news channels on television locally? And now turning a good FM station into what other larger markets may be doing on the FM dial.

Jerry Schatzke

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