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Margaret Bitz , Published March 12 2012

Catholic bishops’ stance is quite puzzling

Rick Santorum has won the North Dakota Republican caucus vote. This is the man who said in North Dakota that Democrats have no religion; who said that President Barack Obama has a “phony” environmental theology.

The Franciscan Action Network says, “The radical environmental theology that Sen. Santorum is accusing the president of practicing is the creation theology that recent popes have supported in their preaching and writing. It is the theology that the Catholic Conference of Bishops supports.” So it’s puzzling that the bishops don’t correct Santorum on this.

It astounds me that so many of the GOP are falling all over themselves trying to ingratiate themselves to religious leaders over “moral” issues. At the same time the GOP lambasts as socialism and communism any legislation based on Catholic Social Justice Principles. These principles, which can easily be found on the web, include the social nature of humanity, solidarity and care/concern for the most powerless among us. It is puzzling that the bishops don’t preach these principles from the pulpit.