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Heidi Shaffer, Published March 08 2012

Five Things Friday: 5 little-known uses for peanut butter

FARGO – George Washington Carver may have invented more than 300 uses for peanuts, but it’s doubtful he got this creative.

March is National Peanut Month, so let’s take this opportunity to celebrate five not-so-normal uses for the legume’s (yes, it’s a legume) ooey-gooey cousin, peanut butter.

Price tag removal

Those pesky labels shall stick no more once you introduce them to peanut butter. Rub some of the tasty spread on the label glue and rub with a cloth.

Pet medicine

It can be tricky to get Sparky and Fluffy to take their medications, but luckily most dogs and cats enjoy a small scoop of peanut butter.

So next time your animal has a bitter pill to swallow, slather it in some peanut butter.


Yes, you read that right. Some say peanut butter is a great substitute for shaving cream.

Apply the spread on your face, legs or even underarms just as you would shaving gel and barber as usual.

It’s a cheaper alternative, and the oils in peanut butter are good for your skin, so you can also save on after-shave moisturizer.

The smooth variety works best, and you should definitely avoid this application if you have any peanut allergies.

Gum remover

Before you cut that chunk of gum out of your child’s hair, try a dollop of peanut butter to loosen the sticky mess.

Rub some peanut butter into the gum and massage the whole mess out with a cloth.

Butter substitute

Swap peanut butter for regular butter in most recipes. It does change the flavor of your baked good, but that can be a wonderful thing. Doesn’t peanut butter banana bread sound great? Or maybe some peanut butter brownies?

Source: Listverse.com