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Harold Hamm, Published March 06 2012

Romney restores promise

I have never gotten involved in presidential politics before. But today, I am deeply worried about the future of our country.

This is a great country, where the son of a Lexington, Okla., sharecropper can see his dreams of finding big oil fields come true. I want to do my part to make sure all Americans, no matter how humble their beginnings, have that same opportunity – whatever their dreams are. That opportunity requires we have a strong private sector not stifled by high taxes and unnecessary government interference.

The administration has a different view of America. They seem to think opportunity comes from bigger government, higher taxes and artificially created jobs.

One great opportunity for America, under attack by the Obama administration, is our extraordinary natural resources. Here in North Dakota, we are the tip of the spear for a renaissance in American oil and gas production that can contribute to American energy independence. Thanks to production from the Bakken, we are seeing oil production in this country climb for the first time in decades and imports fall below 50 percent

This renaissance is so strong that not even President Barack Obama doing everything in his power to stifle the production of fossil fuels could stop it. The state is blessed to have these resources. We are especially blessed that the resources sit under private lands, where the president has less power. On federal lands, production is actually declining. Even worse, Obama has cut new leasing and permitting in half, a mistake that will cost us for years to come.

It is time to replace Obama, and I believe there is only one candidate in this race who can bring the experience, leadership and ideas we need to the White House. That is why I am supporting former Gov. Mitt Romney. Romney knows how to make a payroll and build a business. He understands that the private sector is the heart of our economy. Most importantly, he is a champion for all the children of America who have dreams they want to make come true.

Romney’s energy policy is a case in point. He understands that energy policy is not about us who are in the industry; it is about all of us as Americans. Energy is the lifeblood of the American economy. Energy powers our factories, transports our goods and people, and stores our information. Energy is converted into fertilizers and chemicals and plastics. And energy is one of the largest items in an American family’s budget, providing the means not only to get to work but also to light and heat the home.

Expanding the use of all our domestic resources – oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear power, even wind and solar when and where they can be used economically – holds the promise of providing a reliable and affordable supply of energy. We can make our manufacturers more competitive, remove our dependence on unstable regions of the world and save middle-class families thousands of dollars each year. Romney’s plan to streamline regulation and open resources for development will accomplish just that.

America has always been an Opportunity Society, and Mitt Romney will make sure we remain one. With that approach, we can restore America’s promise for the next generation.

Hamm is the founder and CEO of Continental Resources. Romney named him chairman of the candidate’s Energy Policy Advisory Group during a campaign stop Thursday in Fargo.