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Published March 05 2012

North Dakotan shares name with actor Jason Mewes

FARGO – Jason Mewes, 32, of Clayton, N.D., has a pretty uncommon name.

It’s so uncommon, in fact, that he’s only ever been able to track down just one person who has the same first and last name, same spelling and all.

It just so happens that person is a Hollywood actor who will be appearing at the Fargo Theatre tonight.

When the movie “Clerks” came out in 1994, Mewes says a family member bought a magazine that featured Jason Mewes the actor and told him, “Hey, I didn’t know you were a movie star.”

Mewes the North Dakotan has been dealing with that name recognition ever since.

Now a farmer, Mewes says people recognized his name the most when he was a student at North Dakota State University in the late 1990s – when a series of movies by director Kevin Smith featured Mewes the actor.

“It was constant there,” Mewes the North Dakotan says. “People would chuckle when they handled (my) college ID.”

After a few years of being recognized and not actually having seen “Clerks,” Mewes finally watched the movie that gave fame to the actor who shared his name.

He enjoyed the film, but not so much that he was inspired to check out the other films featuring his namesake.

As a result, he’s sometimes not all that familiar with the Jay and Silent Bob-themed humor that comes his way.

“A lot of the quotes that I get are kind of lost on me,” he says. “I maybe should’ve made more of an effort to see the movies.”

Mewes says he’s done some extensive searching to see if there are any other Jason Mewes out there, and he’s fairly certain that he and the actor are the only ones.

Likewise, Jason Mewes the actor says he’s run into people named Jason Muse or Mews or other variations on the spelling, but never anyone with the exact first and last name.

He says it’d be interesting to meet up with Jason Mewes the North Dakotan.

“That would be pretty cool,” the actor says.