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By Marilyn Schoenberg, Published March 05 2012

Letter: Who’s afraid of big bad wolf?

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Not Little Red Riding Hood. Who’s afraid of Goliath? Not shepherd boy David. Who’s afraid of the NCAA? Not the Sioux from Spirit Lake who started the Committee for Understanding and Respect to save the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux logo.

Why are North Dakota’s political and educational leaders afraid of the phantom giant of the NCAA? The people of North Dakota are not afraid, and we are trying to bring our leaders back to being a part of us – the will and voice of the people.

If we can get a statewide vote, which will give all of North Dakota a chance to be heard (especially the Standing Rock Sioux, to whom this right has been denied), and our leaders will lead us in presenting a united front to the NCAA, we can convince the NCAA to relinquish control of our state government.

The NCAA must admit they are wrong because the Sioux logo is not offensive to the majority of Sioux Indians, and most North Dakotans do not see it as racist.

Another simple thing everyone in North Dakota can do to show support for the Sioux logo is to wear green on Fridays, the traditional UND Sioux color day, and/or on Sundays to rally for a new Sioux green day of renewed support and vitality and strength.

The Fighting Sioux logo says, “Don’t give up, don’t give in, set a goal and fight to win.” Get in the fight, and fight to win – for freedom, democracy, and states’ rights. Let’s paint our state green on Fridays and Sundays to show the NCAA that the power is to the people.

We are Dakota – we are Sioux. We are Invictus – we are unconquerable. Go team – go Sioux.