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Teresa Hotten, Published February 28 2012

Letters: Catholic truth is 2,000 years old

In response to Maura Casey’s call out, “Catholic women speak up” (Forum, Feb. 26): First, do your homework. This is a heavy topic from debatable poll results to the agenda of the birth control industry.

Marital intimacy serves a specific purpose. It unites a couple to one another and to God himself in a level of love and self-giving that is not duplicated on Earth.

Birth control kicks God out. Natural family planning enables a couple to discern family size prayerfully, bringing God back into the picture. Science backs it, and it’s not what your grandmother was taught. Research it.

Research the side effects and cancer links with birth control. While you’re at it, do some thorough reading on the effects of birth control on “accidental” conceptions. Ovulation and fertilization can happen, and when it does, that newly created being is aborted because of the purposeful functions of that birth control. This isn’t just “a Catholic thing.” This is an area where women are deceived and harmed every day.

I support our bishops. They don’t have an easy job; how they must weep each time someone tells them: “I disagree, Father. I’m doing it anyway.” My priests are speaking for me because they know what they are talking about, and I trust the 2,000-plus-year-old teacher from whom they’ve learned. These teachings aren’t displayed on front pages of newspapers or in TV commercials, so do some digging.

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