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Bridget Atwood, Published February 28 2012

Letter: Employers set work conditions

Let’s bring this fiasco down to the basics – American Crystal Sugar is an employer. They set conditions on those who want to work for them. Such conditions include how much they will pay those who want to work for them, what other financial benefits (health insurance, paid time off, holiday pay, etc.) they will offer those who want to work for them and what hours they need those who want to work for them to work. Like most other employers, they make these conditions known to those who want to work for them.

The locked-out workers are potential employees. Like any potential employees, they can make the decision whether to accept a job with the conditions set by their potential employer. If they feel that the conditions set by the potential employer are unacceptable, they can seek working conditions that better meet their needs with another potential employer.

Anyone (I know I haven’t) ever had luck imposing their conditions upon potential employers? So how are the locked-out workers any different from anyone else who wants a job?

I can think of one difference – if you’re unemployed and collecting unemployment benefits, and you tell them that you were offered gainful and sustained employment and you turned it down, questions will be asked.

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