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Tom Mix, Published February 25 2012

Obembe comes up big for Spartans at EDC swim meet

FARGO – He wasn’t perfect, but Fargo North’s Obi Obembe still altered the record books on Saturday.

The Spartans senior was a part of two new pool and Eastern Dakota Conference records at the EDC boys swimming and diving meet at Fargo North High school.

Obembe teamed with Tanner Bjorlie, Jon Bell-Clement and Sean Rider to turn in a time of 1 minute, 40.20 seconds in the 200 medley relay, which broke an EDC record of 1:40.99 held by West Fargo set in 2009.

“That was an amazing race,” said Obembe, who has won two individual state championships in his prep career. “I think everyone on the relay swam their personal-best splits. It was a good way to start off the meet.”

Obembe’s solid start hit a bump when he was disqualified in the 200 individual medley.

He recovered with a dominating performance in the 100 backstroke.

Obembe, who was named EDC Senior Athlete of the Year on Saturday, swam to a time of 53.36, which was three seconds ahead of the next time.

The mark broke Obembe’s pool record of 54.51 seconds and West Fargo’s Andy Schoonhoven’s EDC record of 54.28 that had stood since 2003.

“I felt pretty excited going into that race, because I felt like I had a little redemption to do from my earlier race when I disqualified myself,” Obembe said.

West Fargo won the EDC meet championship with a team score of 533.5. North placed second at 466.

In total, the Packers won six of the 12 events.

Packers senior Adam Smestad raced to first-place finishes in the 200 and the 100 freestyle.

Alex Smestad took first in the 50 freestyle for the Packers.

Freshman Carson Keller won the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:07.37 for West Fargo, and Ethan Doll added a first-place finish in the 500 freestyle.

The win keeps the Packers’ team record unblemished this season.

“It’s always our goal to win EDC,” West Fargo coach Marsha Dahl. “It was a good meet and a lot closer than the scores indicate.”

North won two out of the three relays and freshman Brady Coughlin won the diving competition with a score of 406.0 for the Spartans.

“I had hoped to be a little closer to West Fargo, but they really put out an awesome performance,” Fargo North coach Dick Fisher said. “There is no shame in getting beat by a team that is that good. They did a fantastic job.”

Dahl said she wouldn’t make any changes to West Fargo’s lineup heading into the state meet until she sees the scores from the western teams.

The North Dakota state boys swimming and diving meet will be held March 2-3 in Mandan at the Mandan Aquatic Center.


Fargo South’s Matt Stinar won the 100 butterfly with a time of 54.86 … North Sophomore Tanner Bjorlie took first in the 100-yard breastroke with a time of 1:03.96 … Dahl was named EDC Coach of the Year.

Eastern Dakota Conference meet

At Fargo North High School

Team scores: West Fargo 533.5, Fargo North 466, Fargo South 318, Fargo Davies 278.5, Grand Forks 260.

200 medley relay: 1, FN, (O. Obembe, Bjorlie, Bell-Clement, Se. Rider), 1:40.20. 2, WF, (Huseby, Doll, Keller, Al. Smestad), 1:41.94. 3, FD, (Duncan, Keller, Arness, Ingulsrud) 1:47.62. 4, GF, (Keehr, Kjenstad, Schindler, Murphy) 1:50.99. 5, FS, (Tsen, Breen, Joachim, McCullough), 1:55.27.

200 freestyle: 1, Ad. Smestad, WF, 1:47.42. 2, Wenzel, FN, 1:48.65. 3, Stinar, FS, 1:50.85. 4, Brock, FS, 1:51.44. 5, Duncan, FD, 1:52.23. 6, St. Rider, FN, 1:54.28.

200 individual medley: 1, Keller, WF, 2:07.37. 2, Gourde, FD, 2:08.95. 3, Norton, FS, 2:09.26. 4, Huseby, WF, 2:09.38. 5, Murphy, GF, 2:13.92. 6, Ellingson, FN, 2:16.31.

50 freestyle: 1, Al. Smestad, WF, 23.15. 2, Jones, FS, 23.22. 3, Bell-Clement, FN, 23.54. 4, Se. Rider, FN, 23.72. 5, McCullough, FS, 24.49. 6, Nelson, FS, 24.58.

Diving: 1, Coughlin, FN, 406.0. 2, Breen, FS, 399.35. 3, Sufficool, FD, 348.20. 4, Neva, WF, 324.90. 5, Regorrah, GF, 282.40. 6, Holoien, WF, 279.70.

100 butterfly: 1, Stinar, FS, 54.86. 2, Doll, WF, 55.72. 3, Keller, WF, 56.33. 4, Se. Rider, FN, 56.36. 5, St. Rider, 57.74. 6, Repak, WF, 58.97.

100 freestyle: 1, Ad. Smestad, WF, 49.47. 2, Bjorlie, FN, 50.12. 3, Holoien, WF, 51.50. 4, Ingulsrud, FD, 52.20. 5, Gourde, FD, 52.40. 6, McCowan, GF, 52.75.

500 freestyle: 1, Doll, WF, 5:00.93. 2, Brock, FS, 5:01.41. 3, Wenzel, FN, 5:13.07. 4, Norton, FS, 5:15.86. 5, Murphy, GF, 5:16.08. 6, Montplaisir, WF, 5:18.63.

200 freestyle relay: 1, WF, (Al. Smestad, Ad. Smestad, Holoien, Keller), 1:31.89. 2, FS, (Jones, Stinar, Brock, Norton), 1:32.58. 3, FN, (Bell-Clement, Kemmer, St. Rider), 1:35.88. 4, GF, (Kjenstad, Houska, Todorovic, McCowan), 1:38.59. 5, FD, (Keller, Arness, Lorenz, Gourde), 1:38.78.

100 backstroke: 1, O. Obembe, FN, 53.36. 2, Huseby, WF, 56.79. 3, Duncan, FD, 58.59. 4, Ingulsrud, FD, 59.87. 5, P. Obembe, FN, 59.91. 6, Neva, WF, 1:00.62.

100 breaststroke: 1, Bjorlie, FN, 1:03.96. 2, Hulbert, 1:08.12. 3, Court, FN, 1:08.64. 4, Hassebrock, FN, 1:09.30. 5, Jones, 1:09.66. 6, Heide, GF, 1:09.80.

400 freestyle relay: 1, FN (Wenzel, Se. Rider, Bjorlie, O. Obembe), 3:19.02. 2, WF, (Ad. Smestad, Holoien, Huseby, Doll), 3:23.70. 3, FD, (Ingulsrud, Duncan, Lorenz, Gourde), 3:34.56. 4, GF, (McCowan, Todorvic, Schindler, Murphy), 3:35.13. 5, FN, (Wenzel, Fisher, P. Obembe, St. Rider), 3:39.79.

Senior Athlete of the Year: Obi Obembe, Fargo North

Coach of the Year: Marsha Dahl

All-EDC: West Fargo: Adam Smestad, Ethan Doll, Carson Keller, Nick Huseby, Alex Smestad, Ryder Neva, Cole Holoien. Fargo North: Tanner Bjorlie, Matt Wenzel, Sean Rider, Jon Bell-Clement, Obi Obembe Brady Coughlin. Fargo South: Matt Stinar, Alex Brock, Jared Jones, Davis Jones. Fargo Davies: Nate Gourde, Nate Duncan, Alex Ingulsrud. Grand Forks: Keelan Murphy.

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