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Kevin Solum, Published February 23 2012

Find agreement that is fair to all

The time has long passed where growers of American Crystal Sugar Co. need to step forward and do the right thing.

For nearly seven months, they have neglected to question CEO Dave Berg, his management team and the board of directors that represents them concerning the company’s strategy to lock out its experienced and dedicated workers. How many of them even have knowledge of, or understand the issues preventing an agreement on the latest contract proposal? Are they aware of the many problems and abnormalities occurring each day in the factories they have invested in? Do they even want to know?

I can only speak for myself, but I would be concerned – concerned enough to stand up, ask some questions and help find a solution to this needless lockout.

Growers, do the right thing. Stand up to Berg, management and the board of directors. Do what is right for American Crystal Sugar, the growers and the workers and communities that are affected. Urge management to return to the negotiating table and remain there until an agreement is reached – an agreement that is fair for all. That is the right thing to do.