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David Hallman, Published February 21 2012

Spurge to Forum and to Brovold

I read with fascination the letter from Bruce Brovold on Feb. 11. Brovold chose to repeat half a quote from presidential candidate Mitt Romney and then comment viciously against the half quote.

The entire quote from Romney read something like: “We don’t have to worry about the very poor because they have a safety net, and if the safety net needs to be looked at we will do that.” Brovold decided to sacrifice his integrity and only quote the first eight words of the quote. The Forum decided to enhance his lack of integrity by publishing a letter that they knew was not complete or factual.

Free speech doesn’t mean you publish lies or attempts to mask the truth. A newspaper has the responsibility to its readers to screen letters and discard those with little value or truth.

I love political discussion. I know, however, that only when rational conversation is had between opposing viewpoints can any compromise or respect be given. Neither the comments from Brovold and the tacit approval of The Forum editorial staff meet the level of rational or reasonable.

Leafy spurge to Brovold and The Forum. I expect better from The Forum and my fellow veteran, Brovold.