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Erma J. Vizenor, Published February 21 2012

Bold idea all wins for Minnesota

Those who live close to the land understand that you don’t go from planting to harvesting overnight. A crop takes resources, time and nurturing before the investment is returned in a bountiful yield.

The same is true with ideas. The bolder the idea, the more nurturing it takes. The proposal by the White Earth Nation to launch MinnesotaWins, a business partnership with the state of Minnesota to build a Twin Cities casino, is a very bold proposal. Yet it is the only plan that offers a win-win-win – for a new stadium or other state priorities; for economic opportunities for all Minnesotans, especially in our northwest region; and, for the White Earth Nation, the state’s largest and poorest tribe. The plan will create enormous benefits for all Minnesotans:

In December, we presented this plan to a legislative committee. It caused little more than a ripple.

What has happened in two months?

Certainly, there is much to be done before we have a successful harvest. There will be those who criticize us for not having a crop even before the growing season is completed. And, we know there will be challenges ahead.

But we also see this: The seeds we planted are starting to sprout their shoots. And they are coming in strong and plentiful.

Vizenor is chairwoman, White Earth Nation.