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Cara Braun, Published February 13 2012

Boys at Forum: Clean up your act

In her poem, “To Men,” Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz asks the question, “Who sins more? He who sins for pay, or he who pays to sin?” I guess the answer is “she who sins for pay” according to The Forum.

On Wednesday’s (Feb. 8) edition, the front-page headline told that a woman arrested for prostitution had served on a local PTA. Is that really headline worthy? It is certainly salacious, but is that all it takes to make a front-page story in The Forum?

In this case, the headline was pretty much the whole story. Is it news that some prostitutes have children and are involved in the community? Wasn’t there a character like that in “Gone with The Wind”?

If The Forum reporters really want some juicy stories, why don’t they dish on the prostitutes’ clients? Many people might be interested in knowing who they are and what positions they hold in the community.

I am fairly certain that a person who has resorted to prostitution has enough problems in her life without The Forum further victimizing her by shaming her and possibly her children. Clean up your act, boys! Sor Juana was writing her poetry in the 1500s, and it seems that attitudes have not changed much.