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Lexy Neustel, Published February 13 2012

Forum prostitution article was tasteless, damaging

The Forum’s Feb. 8 article “Ex-PTA prez arrested in prostitution sting” is truly a very insincere story. You might not be aware of this, but Wendy Marie Jojola has been very involved with Fargo Public Schools for years. In fact, she is very well-known by many of the students at the school I attend.

But you probably are wondering why she is so active in the education system. Has it even crossed your minds that she herself has a child that attends Fargo public schools? Well, she does. Did you realize how this article that is carelessly slapped on the top of the front page would affect this child? Well, you obviously didn’t because you just wanted to print out some more bait to attract readers into reading a story that is full of tasteless information that personally I find disgusting.

Just because you wanted to sell a few more papers, you are embarrassing a young child by exposing his mother that he truly loves. But not only that, you are also tainting the image that many PTA staff, Fargo public school employees, and most importantly – children – had on this caring woman who only wanted to contribute to the education system that she loved so much.

Trying to make a quick buck off the personal lives of people is monstrous and inflicts great damage on people for the rest of their lives, while the meaningless dollars you get only last so long.

It is also terrible to see how reporters are harassing this woman to feed this ridiculous frenzy. Quote from the paper, “Jojola couldn’t be reached in multiple calls …”

Jojola probably is guilty of the stress that she has put on her child. Like most parents, Wendy wants the best for her child and wouldn’t want the people she dedicated her time to to cause so much stress on her child. For your selfish intentions, people’s lives are being affected in a negative way. I feel terribly sorry for her child, who has to walk the halls and even in public knowing that the whole world knows about the inconsiderate article that The Forum has written.

Many of the people I have talked to are not pleased with this article and are in fact dumbfounded that they would even would print this knowing that she had an impact on students in a positive way. I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

I wish this whole debacle could be undone, and Wendy’s son, whom I call my friend, would not have to experience this stress when he has other things to concentrate on such as swimming or getting good grades. No high school child should be forced through this experience because you wanted to “inform” people of this. You should really be placing more important articles on the front page of the “newspaper.”

I hope you are proud of the lives you are ruining. Because this sort of thing cannot be undone. Seriously, think before you put such information on your pages.