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Dan Olson, Published February 11 2012

The doctors’ credibility surely works both ways

In John R. Baugh Jr.’s letter complaining how Dr. Stephen Spellman used his doctor title to add credibility to his argument, Dr. Baugh can be accused of the same thing. Baugh just did it less obviously by including “M.D.” at the end of his name.

Let me ask Baugh this: Why did you include the “M.D.”? There was no reason to, other than to add credibility to your ridiculous argument. You could have written in as a regular citizen, but you chose to include M.D. Now, let me get to your argument.

Your argument is basically “polluted air” has not been the cause of deaths and the studies that do prove that were politically motivated. It does not take a doctor to know or figure out that “polluted air” is not good for you to breathe. Do you also believe that smoking does not cause lung cancer or other diseases? If not, why not? Smoking is basically breathing in “polluted air.”

I will end my letter with the exact ending of Baugh’s letter. If Baugh wants to write letters that have a political agenda, he has every right to do so. I would just ask that he refrain from using the fact he is a doctor to give his opinions more credibility.