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Herman Winkels, Published February 03 2012

Take our country back from Obama

With all the hype of the press about the Republican candidates for nomination to run against President Barack Obama, the media is again giving Obama a free pass. It has overlooked the way Obama is proposing legislation to further restrict our freedoms.

Obama is running around the country telling everyone that he is creating jobs and improving the economy. Obama’s words are empty. He is out to destroy our American way of life and capitalism. Obama’s tax-the- rich policies are a continuation of his community activist days to share the wealth. Obama got more than his fair share.

He wants to cut entitlements, like Social Security and Medicare. Anyone who has worked for a wage or is self-employed paid for these benefits through the payment of FICA taxes. We’ve earned the right to these benefits. Obama and the U.S. Congress should stop robbing the programs. They already owe more than $4.7 trillion to these programs and don’t intend to pay it back.

Obama is serving in the president’s office under false pretenses. He has cheated in the past about who he is and is still doing so. It is time for the U.S. taxpayers to take back our country. Get rid of Obama.