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Bob Lind, Published January 31 2012

Lind: DC dollars and a ‘Party Line’ recipe

A Neighbors column recently gave statistics for the year 1941. It included such items as gasoline costing 19 cents a gallon back then, and of the average annual salary being $2,050.

That story led Don Melting of Fargo, to write, because he was born in 1941 (on Flag Day, by the way).

This being a highly political year, Don wondered what the president and members of Congress were paid in 1941.

Like the average person’s salary, a tad less than now.

In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was paid $75,000 a year. Today, the president gets $400,000.

In 1941, both U.S. House and Senate members were paid $10,000 a year. Today, House and Senate members are paid $174,000.

Footnote: Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Love just signed a four-year contract worth more than $60 million.

But after all, what’s more important, running the country or winning some basketball games?

Eating with Verna, Boyd

Neighbors also gets lots of mail about radio and TV shows of the past.

One of the biggest local shows on WDAY-TV years ago was “Party Line.”

Someone (Neighbors doesn’t know who) dropped off a book called “Our Favorite Recipes” by Party Line hosts Verna Newell and Boyd Christenson.

The Forum regularly carries recipes by columnists Sue Doeden and Andrea Halgrimson. Neighbors couldn’t begin to be in their company in the kitchen area. But it can’t resist publishing at least one recipe from Verna and Boyd’s book, just because it sounds so good.

Almond Rice Casserole

2 packages dry chicken noodle soup mix

1½ lbs. hamburger

1½ lbs pork sausage

1 large onion, minced

1 large green pepper

2 cups chopped celery

1 cup uncooked rice

4½ cups water

¼ cup soy sauce

1 cup blanched almonds

1 cup canned mushrooms.

Combine soup mixes and rice in casserole. Brown meat and pour off fat. Add onion, pepper, celery and stir. Combine water, soy sauce almonds and mushrooms. Add to meat mixture. Pour over soup mix and rice in casserole. Bake uncovered, 350, for one hour.

Serves 12.

Neighbors has to quit writing this column now, and eat. All this made us hungry.

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