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Published January 26 2012

Morast: Reality TV and North Dakota intersect again

Earlier this week I wrote a piece in The Forum about the prospects of reality TV in North Dakota.

If you haven’t read it, do it now. The stories will make you more knowledgeable than you can possibly imagine.

If you did read it, you might have chuckled at the suggestions for some North Dakota-based reality shows – I still love the idea of “Real Housewives of Minot.”

Shortly after the story ran, our local pocket of the Twitterverse began riffing on more potential reality shows for the Peace Garden State. Among the ideas:

<•> “Pimp My Oil Rig”

<•> “Iron Chef: Battle Truck Stop”

<•> “Extreme Makeover: Ghost Town Edition”

<•> “North Dakota’s Next Top Soybean Producer”

<•> “Case IH Boss”

<•> “Borrowed Buck’s Roadhouse: Party on the Prairie”

<•> “Jon & Kate Plus a Herd of Bison”

<•> “Ice Road Commuters”

These are great. I’d definitely watch “Ice Road Commuters,” “Iron Chef: Battle Truck Stop” and anything focused on Borrowed Buck’s. And I think I’d actually audition for “Pimp My Oil Rig.”

Check out the rest of the suggestions by going to Twitter and searching for #NDRealityShows.

It’s a quick read, so you should be able to get it at work and not feel bad for avoiding your job. And, if you have more ideas, please add to the list.

You want to be on TV?

If all this talk of North Dakotans on reality TV has you amped up and dreaming of being filmed by shadowing camera crews, then you might like this: A couple of upcoming VH1 reality shows have asked me to spread the word in Fargo-Moorhead about their casting calls.

And while I’d really like to watch each of these two programs, there’s no way I’d ever advise a friend to try out for them.

The first one is looking for mothers and daughters who are pregnant – at the same time.

I think that says all you need to know about the show’s premise. But if you don’t read subtext: This show will make its cast minor celebrities for all the wrong reasons.

If you’re intrigued, and pregnant, it’s worth knowing the shows wants “outgoing” people who are “open to sharing your stories.”

Still interested? Send an email to this address: mothersanddaughtersExpecting@gmail.com.

The other reality show searching for subjects is the latest incarnation of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s rehab series. This one doesn’t want to exploit addiction-ravaged celebrities; it wants to exploit addiction-ravaged “regular” people.

The release says “Participants will be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enroll in a no-cost, 30-day treatment program to begin the process of breaking free from the bonds of addiction and take their first steps down the road to recovery.”

They’ll also be followed by cameras during the entire process.

It’s a great idea for viewers – and, yes, I’ll watch every second of this show. But if celebs, who are used to cameras in their mugs get rattled by the reality show motif, how are “regular” people going to do it?

Still, if you’re interested in being part of this show you can apply online at www.rehabcasting.com. But consider yourself warned, you’ll have to answer this question: “Finish this line: The party doesn’t end until.”

Well, for me it’s until I get some good column fodder.

Speaking of that, if anyone reading this applies for either of these shows, please let me know about it. I’d love to talk to you.

Readers can reach Forum Features Editor Robert Morast at (701) 241-5518

or rmorast@forumcomm.com