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Carrie Brusven, Areavoices.com blogger, Published January 23 2012

Areavoices: Going green is a process; Celebrate the successes

Last week I went to a networking meeting for local women in business, organized by the Women’s Business Exchange. After chowing down on a great lunch and listening to a brief presentation on time management, we got down to the nitty gritty of our gathering and began the segment we’d all been waiting for: speed networking. Speed networking, for those of you thinking “what the heck is that?!” is when we go around the room and talk to as many people as we can, armed with business cards and a smile. You get an “elevator minute” with each person to exchange information about who you are and what you do.

Being the closet introvert that I am, it was a terrifying experience for me the first time! Now I just think it’s fun because I love to tell people about what I do!

What I love is seeing that spark hit the eyes of someone who has already been making green living a part of their life. Then, that person will usually share their own green story and I love when people get excited about green living!

The last woman I had the pleasure to speak with at this particular meeting, when I told her I was a green living consultant, excitedly began to tell me about how she tries to buy earth-friendly products and organic food. But then she suddenly looked apologetic and explained that she tries to do those things most of the time but knows there are so many more things she could be doing better.

I encounter this so often – at first, when she was thinking about the healthy choices she’d already made, she was excited and proud of herself. Then, she started to think about all the things she hasn’t mastered yet and it was like someone had walked up and popped her big, green balloon. If this sounds familiar to you and you suffer from similar green balloon deflation – stop!

Going green, like anything else worth working toward, is a process and you do just that – you work toward it. There is no magic green pill you can take before bed that causes you to wake up the next day with a suddenly sustainable life. I just can’t stress this enough – you set yourself up for success by making a plan, setting goals by which you can measure your progress and then – so important – you celebrate your success!

Every time you meet a goal it means you’ve done great work and in my book, that deserves celebration! Allow yourself to feel good about making greener choices because even if it’s something small, it is good for you, your family, your community and the planet. I say, throw yourself a party! And, of course, when you achieve your goals, set news ones and keep working toward those. It’s a process.