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Abbi Erstad, Published January 22 2012

Gay marriage should be legal

Gay marriage is legal in only six states. What’s so wrong with being gay? Being gay may not be a choice. According to WebMD.com, being gay may be genetic. It comes down to one finding the same sex more attractive or appealing, just as one would find his or her significant other attractive or appealing.

In an issue of Time magazine, it says being gay is a sin to some religions – conservative moralist or orthodox. This is questionable, as there is no specific proof that this is a sin. Being gay is not your fault or a sin. When you are born, the chemical mixtures in one’s brain do not mix properly and make that person more attracted to the same sex.

I asked a couple of questions to a friend who is gay about what it is like. He said, “I think I understand boys more, and they are more interesting. If I got to choose, I would have never chosen to be gay, but since I am, I’m proud of who I am. I’m not ashamed of being gay. Also, when you come out as being gay, you find out who your true friends are because they love you for you and don’t care about your sexuality. I also get a ton of crap from mostly immature guys, but I learned how to deal with it.”

I believe gay marriage should be legal, and gay people should just be accepted for who they are.