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Todd Gross, Published January 17 2012

Forum negativity always amazing

And in the true fashion of The Forum, your sports editor splashed a truly negative story on the front page, touting the phrase “Sioux suck” as tantamount in the nature of the Bison celebratory remarks (Jan. 10). Is that necessary to sell newspapers? Couldn’t he have concentrated on the feel-good story of how Phil Hanson et al raised thousands of dollars to defray costs to send many transitional players to the national championship game?

You have taken the comments of a few people, either having fun or caught up in the moment, and made them a truly indictable offense. And for what reason? Did the author not hear that many Sioux fans called to congratulate the Bison on the after-game show? Why not highlight that?

Does The Forum have to be continuously antagonistic to sell papers? Pathetic, isn’t it? I’m absolutely sure that this will not be published anyway, but your negativity never ceases to amaze me.