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Nikki Berglund, Published January 14 2012

Forum owes Norbergs an apology for creating a living hell for family

When I first read the story titled “Fargo surgeon allegedly drugged woman in his home, had sex with her” back in August, I was completely blown away when I saw the name Jon Norberg. I went to school with Jon’s brother and knew the family well.

Since I know the individual, I was able to make the call that there was definitely more to this story than The Forum was able(?) to report. Unfortunately for Jon, along with his parents, children, siblings and friends, this was not the case for everyone else who reads The Forum. The anger-filled letter from Dan Aasen proves this point exactly.

I understand this may have been a newsworthy story, but I have a huge problem with the way this was reported. Even though it is, of course, your obligation to protect the identity of the victim, you also had an obligation to Dr. Norberg. Throwing around words such as “rape” and portraying the “victim” as a random female even though it turned out to be Jon’s estranged wife was misleading to the public and would be very damaging to anyone, as I am sure it was for not only Jon but his entire family.

I take allegations of rape very seriously, but I feel like this story omitted many facts that would have changed the entire context of the situation. Even though the word “alleged” was thrown in there, the article and those that followed completely missed the mark as to what really happened. Although Jon is not innocent in this situation, he certainly did not deserve to be raked over the coals like he was.

Now that a lot more details have been made public, it has finally been made clear that what happened was the product of a messy domestic situation.

I can only imagine how hard the past five months have been on Jon and his family and their reputations in this community and can only hope that they can finally get a little redemption.

I think the entire Norberg family deserves an apology from The Forum for what I can only guess made their lives a living hell for the past five months.