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Aileen Swenson, Published January 14 2012

Forum, you are such a tease!

Here I am skimming through the paper on Friday afternoon (Jan. 6) when I catch a glimpse of an oh-so-wonderfully familiar logo: Panera. Ahhh ... Yum ... OK, so they’re officially Panera Bread, but considering our rich history, I refer to the franchise by first name.

How I have dreamed of a Panera in Fargo. So much so that my husband even looked into the cost of opening one himself. A little pricey, and from what I could gather from all his business jargon, one must open several franchises and not just one. Not an option for us.

Anyway, back to my original (half-hearted) “rant.” I soon realized upon closer inspection that this article was based in Los Angeles, my first hint that I wasn’t getting my Panera. And as I began to read the actual article, learned it had nothing to do with a franchise opening here, but was simply advertising how popular eateries like Panera are.

My husband, too, when I complained to him, said, “It’s in the Business section, it’s not local. Don’t skim!” he tells me.

Though my hopes were dashed today, I hope someone around this area will realize what a great investment opening a Panera Bread would be. Take it from me – someone who knows nothing about business but is certainly (and literally) hungry for a place like Panera to open in Fargo.