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James D. Sandsmark, Published January 14 2012

Cartoon wrong about president

I do not understand the continued portrayal of the president as endorsing class warfare, such as occurred in Sunday’s (Jan. 8) editorial cartoon, while the true class warriors, congressional Republicans, are let off the hook.

The Republican Party is now run by a group of Ayn Rand followers. Rand opposed democracy on the grounds that “the masses” were “lice” and “parasites.” She asserted that government is “evil” and selfishness is “the only virtue.” She said the United States should be a “democracy of superiors only,” with superiority defined by being rich. Sound familiar? Got to protect the “job creators” from all the parasites.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the architect of the Republican budget proposal, requires all his new staffers to read Rand, and he said Rand was the reason that he got into politics. As Johann Harij of Slate stated in the Ukiah Blog last spring: “Ryan would retain some bare-bones subsidies for the poorest, but the overwhelming thrust in every way is to liberate the lucky and successful to enjoy their good fortune without burdening them with any responsibility for the welfare of their fellow citizens.”

If you listen to the rhetoric of the Republican Party today, Rand’s words echo everywhere, and that is a scary prospect for our republic, and that is true class warfare.