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Karen Larson, Published January 09 2012

They just want a fair contract

I have been following the Crystal Sugar lockout since August. I think that it is a shame and an embarrassment as a community to put 1,300 people basically out in the street with no way to recover. A lot of people have tried to get jobs elsewhere but are told they won’t be hired because they would just go back to Crystal when the lockout is done.

Thank God for the other unions and everyone else who has stepped in to help out with the food pantry and Christmas for kids and all the other help they have provided.

CEO Dave Berg has really blinded the farmers and the community. It is too bad the famers don’t step up and see what is really going on. All they want is a fair contract.

Berg keeps saying that in the contract the wording as far as job security means they will not lose their jobs or be contracted out, but that is not what it reads. They have so many loopholes in the contract that need to be fixed from Berg’s end. All the sneaky little wording from their lawyers needs to be taken out.

I often wonder how Berg and all involved would feel if they had to worry about how they would pay their next house payment or how to feed their kids. But then again, people who pretend to believe while in church, people who think that having power is great, and people who take other people’s livelihoods away just to feel good about themselves are nothing but under the thumb of the devil.