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Jon Abel, Published January 07 2012

Oil Patch breeds ignorance, greed among the people of North Dakota

Hydraulic fracturing is now all over the national news. With the recent magnitude 4 earthquake in Ohio, many people in this country are connecting the dots. The Forum reported two months ago about a rash of hundreds of earthquakes in Oklahoma – and “nobody” knew what was causing them.

Everyone I talk to in the Fargo-Moorhead area tells me about the zoo that Williston has become. Has The Forum asked long-term Williston residents how they feel about the influx of workers? Are they still able to live affordably or safely?

In other news, New York communities are taking a local approach and banning the practice, even if they cannot stop the state Legislature from allowing hydraulic fracturing. The money and jobs that are promoted by our leaders don’t cover up the risks posed to air and water quality – or the earthquakes.

I have seen the YouTube videos of North Dakota accidents, dying animals, suffering people – and deliberate spilling. Many people have seen them.

I know this is blasphemy to some ears, but my clean water and air are more important than fuel for my vehicle. Leaders who impose this on people in western North Dakota likely think this life is good enough for me. Also, what improvements has the state of North Dakota really seen? I mean, besides an extra few hundred millionaires who can’t live in their homesteads anymore?

Ignorance through greed appears to have taken over the state of North Dakota.