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James Byrns, Published December 27 2011

Illegal workers are coming here

The people of Fargo-Moorhead must remain vigilant regarding undocumented workers who continue to come into our state(s) illegally.

I and others have been driven out of other state(s) to come here to work and live because undocumented workers have driven down the wages in places such as Utah, Arizona and Nevada. These undocumented workers then apply for welfare and food stamps and heath care and send their children to public schools, which is a heavy burden on the taxpayers of Fargo-Moorhead. We should have no problem embracing legal, documented immigrants, but only if they are legal. American citizens and legal residents of Fargo-Moorhead should write and demand that our senators and state representatives make laws that force the government to abide by the laws on immigration.

The reason the U.S. government does not enforce the laws that are already on the books is that when undocumented workers get a job and taxes are withheld, the government never has to pay those undocumented workers, thereby keeping that money generated by 12 million undocumented “illegal” immigrants. Let’s get ahead of the game and start today and stop this NOW.