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John Wheeler, Published December 17 2011

Weather Talk: People here feel guilty when weather is too nice

People in our region have a peculiar relationship with the weather. We may complain about our hard winters and stormy summers, but we also seem to take a certain pride in our ability to endure our hard and stormy weather. And during those periods when the weather treats us well, as it has the past few months, we have a lot of trouble enjoying our good fortune.

Instead of just enjoying the good weather, many of us develop feelings of guilt, and we expect to be punished for our shortcomings.

Our winter has started out warm. Because we do not deserve a warm winter, we should expect terrible cold before too long. Because we do not deserve so little snow, we must expect a massive snowstorm before winter is too far gone.

In the South, where the weather is usually pleasant, people assume one pleasant day will be followed by another. But here, where weather can be so hard, a spell of good weather that lasts too long makes us feel vulnerable and unworthy.

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