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Published December 08 2011

Morast: The real appeal of partying with celebs

If you go

What: Jenna Jameson hosting a pajama party

When: 10 p.m. Saturday

Where: The Venue at The Hub

Info: $5 at the door

Jenna Jameson will be at Fargo’s The Venue at The Hub Saturday night to host a “sexy” pajama party.

Regardless of what exactly a “sexy” pajama party entails, the appearance by this one-time queen of pornography is drawing three distinct reactions from people in Fargo-Moorhead.

  • Naturally, some folks are near-outraged, wondering why anyone (or any media organization) would want to associate with a woman whose fame was built in the porn industry. There are probably some moral beliefs attached to that outlook.

  • On the flip side, there are people excited about Jameson poking her high heels into the dirt of our Red River Valley. Some of this contingent worship celebrities like they’re royalty. Some of the excited demographic just likes to party, and if it’s with a minor celeb, well, bonus. And, frankly, there are people who just like porn. Most of them are men.

  • But the most common reaction to Jameson’s appearance is probably this; “Why would anyone pay to party with these people?”

    And by “these people” they mean the various reality TV stars and niche celebs who have been contracted by The Hub to host various parties, foam dances and mechanical bull tournaments (the last one didn’t really happen, but I’m including it as a suggestion for the future).

Why indeed.

Because, I mean, no one would want to party with attractive, charismatic reality TV cast members; or a sexually-liberated woman who wears tight clothes and who hangs out with professional fighters.

And nobody gravitates toward celebrities.



Look at the numbers to these celeb party events and you might be surprised.

Dan Vogel, general manager of The Hub, says they drew 2,500 people to last month’s appearance by JWOWW of “Jersey Shore” fame. Last spring 1,600 people showed up to see the muscle-bound Ronnie Magro, another “Jersey Shore” star, and that was capacity for the pre-renovated Venue.

Those are attendance figures that rival North Dakota State University men’s basketball games – at least, the announced attendance at some of those games.

And while the centerpiece of these popular events is always a celebrity that many people pretend to not know, part of the appeal of these parties are the civilians there to congregate with a celeb.

“It’s not all just the celebrity, it’s 2,500 people having a good time,” Vogel says.

You know, the whole “a crowd attracts crowd” theory. And in the case of these dance parties, it’s the “a randy crowd attracts more randy people” theory.

That’s why these celebs get the big bucks (JWOWW, reportedly, gets $15,000 per appearance); they set the mood by creating an aura of excitement at any otherwise “normal” dance party.

To wit, Vogel says, “People freak out over the celebrities.” He says with JWOWW “they were like, ‘oh my God, oh my God, it’s JWOWW. I have to take a picture.’ ”

There will be more fans lobbying for photos in the future. Vogel says The Hub has secured a date with Crystal Harris, the Playboy model who dumped Hugh Hefner right before their wedding. They’re also working on bringing in Rob “Kim’s little bro” Kardashian, who canceled a previous engagement with The Hub because of medical issues.

When these stars arrive, people will wonder about their appeal. But you can be sure their fans – and curious onlookers – will pack the place for each engagement, as it will be Saturday night when people trade $5 for the right to say they spent the night with a porn star.

And when it’s put that way, do you really need to wonder why?

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