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Diane Clark, Published November 14 2011

Letter: Canned Republican script distorts nation’s realities

Regarding the full-page ad in The Forum of Nov. 3 that was placed by the Republican Party of North Dakota in regard to Heidi Heitkamp:

In this large and ostentatious ad, there are statements that indicate Heitkamp “supports Obama health care plan” and is in favor of “higher taxes” on the so-called “job creators.”

Why on earth is it bad for someone to support a health care plan that will provide health insurance for many people in North Dakota, as well as nationwide, who have been unable to get health insurance in any other way? I am tired of hearing the Republican mantra that “we can’t afford it” and that it’s “socialized medicine,” or that people “won’t be able to keep their own doctors,” and many other misrepresentations and pure propaganda.

The reality is the Obama health care program will provide desperately needed insurance for many people in the state of North Dakota as well as throughout the nation. If anything, the Obama plan didn’t go far enough and should have included a public option for all citizens.

How can this be paid for? What about raising taxes on the wealthiest citizens and corporations that are protected from paying their fair share of taxes by a corrupt, dysfunctional Congress/political system. The Republican congressmen, in lock step with the party line, continue to support loopholes championed by well-paid lobbyists for corporate America.

I have paid taxes since I was 16 years old. I am now 66, retired from a professional career and on a fixed income. I continue to pay taxes on my Social Security and pension. I am proud to do so. However, I greatly resent the fact that the wealthiest citizens of this country pay a much smaller percentage of taxes than I do.

It is immoral for a country as wealthy as America to have millions of people without health insurance when funds for this could be found through small increases in taxes for the wealthiest citizens and corporations. Ending the wars would provide additional funds.

I am tired of listening to the canned, repetitive script of the Republican Party that having the so-called “job creators” pay higher taxes is somehow going to devastate their ability to “create jobs.” It has been shown time and again since the Reagan years that the “trickle down” economy scam is just that – a scam. It does not work. The wealth has only trickled up to those who are already wealthy.

I am very disturbed that Republican congressmen from this state and other states continue to turn a deaf ear to the needs of the people in this country who are struggling with unemployment, inability to get health care and inability to make a living wage or get benefits if they are employed.

The nonresponse and outright obstructionism of the Republicans on these issues has become increasingly disgusting and disheartening. Their willingness to destroy, sabotage and undermine the Social Security and Medicare programs is reprehensible.

Apparently the only solutions they have to anything are as follows: 1) cut taxes for the wealthy; 2) cut Medicare and Social Security, social programs and public education; 3) destroy labor unions; 4) undermine and sabotage President Barack Obama at all times.

Republican politicians need to remember that they are supposed to represent all of us – not just the wealthy and the corporations. Taking out large, expensive – (Where do they get all that money?) – ads in The Forum to bash Heidi Heitkamp and Obama is shameful, wasteful and presents a distorted picture of reality.