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Heidi Shaffer, Published October 23 2011

It's My Job: Savers staffer coordinates Halloween fashion show

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FARGO - Eden Parker loves Halloween so much that he plans out seven costumes each year and makes it a “Halloweek.”

The 25-year-old also gets to incorporate his favorite holiday into his job at Savers in Fargo.

Parker coordinates Savers’ weekly Halloween “catwalk” fashion shows.

“It gives people some ideas of how they can create their own costume or what the costumes in packages actually look like on people,” he said.

The Forum caught up with the pontiffed Parker – dressed in full papal attire – to find out what makes a good costume.

Q: What goes into organizing the Halloween catwalk each week?

A: It’s quite a production, actually, because each week I try to pick a different theme for the costumes. We have so many different costumes available that it’s more or less deciding what it’s going to be that week.

I also have to find music to go with it as well. I’m a local musician, so I bring my PA equipment and set it up.

Then I need to pick out the models, see who’s working that day and what costume I’m going to put them in.

How do you choose a particular costume?

I try to do a mix of new and used costumes. Because we are a second-hand store, most of the stuff we get in is used merchandise, so we want people to be able to create costumes out of that stuff. For one, it’s a lot cheaper, and then their costume is completely unique.

Have you always liked Halloween?

Oh yeah. I actually have Halloweek every year. Seven days of costumes and seven nights of mayhem. I’ve done it for years and years, so this is perfect for me.

What’s your favorite costume that you’ve ever put together?

This year, I’m working on a Little Mermaid costume for myself.

I’m pretty excited about that because I’m making my fins out of an awful, awful teal silk prom dress we had here.

But a favorite is hard. I have seven every year, so there are always different ones.

Do you have sewing skills to help you out?

More stapling skills than sewing skills – hot glue gun, some staples, a safety pin here and there. Then you just move very carefully throughout the night.

Any advice for people trying to put together costumes?

Don’t be afraid to find pieces that aren’t maybe exactly what you’re looking for. It’s really easy to take something that you find here and turn it into something that will work for your costume.

Be creative, be original, because those are the costumes that get noticed.

You can buy a prepackaged costume at the Halloween store for $80 and look like any other nurse downtown that night. Or you can find some unique pieces here and mix and match things and save a lot of money and have a look that no one else has.

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