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John Lamb, Published October 01 2011

Lamb: Trailer trash crosses the border

If you go

In 14 years of writing for papers, I’ve talked to some people who were real characters.

Sure, I chatted with rock icon Ozzy Osbourne when he was largely incomprehensible, but I don’t think that’s an act – he even blessed me at the end.

And I talked to – rather, I got talked to by rocker/hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent, who actually seems to believe the things he says.

But when I talked to the Trailer Park Boys, the actors, John Paul Tremblay (Julian), Robb Wells (Ricky) and Mike Smith (Bubbles) wanted to do the interview in character.

If you haven’t seen the comedians’ show, and therefore likely don’t have tickets for Monday’s sold-out show at the Fargo Theatre, the Trailer Park Boys are perhaps best described as the older, but not wiser, Canadian cousins to Beavis and Butt-head.

Their TV show of brainless shenanigans about trailer park miscreants had a successful seven-year Canadian run but was only a cult favorite in the United States.

Humor isn’t the only thing the witless, would-be criminals have a hard time getting across the border.

Bubbles, the one who looks like an unhinged Milton Waddams from “Office Space” and sounds like Yoda in puberty, confessed that he sometimes smuggles his cats across the border.

“We’ve got to stop this cat thing, Bub. It’s easier to smuggle dope into the U.S. than cats,” says Julian, the ex-con always looking for his next caper, or “the big nasty.”

“I used to take several (cats), but the boys all got cross at me. I took eight of them, and I must admit, it got a little out of hand. They were pooping a lot,” Bubbles says.

At least one member of the gang is excited about the trip.

“I didn’t know we had fans in the United States of Amernica,” says Ricky, known for his mispronunciations, like “incubaker.”

“I’m a little nervous coming to Fargo,” Bubbles says. “I seen that movie about that crazy guy running around putting people in a wood chipper.”

“I don’t think it’s that Fargo, Bub,” says Ricky.

“It’s the same Fargo, Ricky, and that guy could still be there. So keep your head on a swivel,” Bubbles says.

“Ah jeez. You’ve got that big statue of that creepy chain-saw guy? The wood guy?” Ricky says. “I thought that was Fahgo.”

“Keep your head on a swivel, Ricky,” Bubbles says.

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