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Pat Grenyo, Published September 16 2011

One term enough for the president

We’re approaching three years for President Barack Obama in the White House (for most Americans a very long three years). On his current campaign (Oops! He said he’s not campaigning) ... On his recent “grass-roots trip,” he said, “I’ve got a plan to get this economy going.” Really, Mr. President? Three years in and you have a plan now?

Let’s refresh how your plans have worked over the years to create jobs: First, we had the “cash for clunkers.” This was the ingenious plan to create United Auto Workers and other auto working positions. The grade on this plan “F.” Not only did it not create any new jobs but the auto industry lost thousands. In addition, your party bailed most of the automakers out with millions of tax dollars.

Next we had the nearly $900 million stimulus plan. This was when you guaranteed 3 million to 5 million new jobs with unemployment not reaching above 8 percent. Again, you guaranteed – not promised, but guaranteed. That guarantee landed the economy with more than 5 million Americans out of work. That is an 8 million to 10 million job difference. Grade on that plan: “F”!

Next we had everyone’s least favorite plan (at least 70 percent of Americans): the Obama national health care plan. To your credit, Mr. President, you did say that your health care plan will eliminate jobs in the near future but create jobs in the long term. Gosh! With your track record of job creation, how could we believe anything different?

Now these are merely a few examples out of dozens and dozens of blunders this president has made. I have but one question for those of you who are supporting Obama: “Are you embarrassed yet?”