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Brad Mills, Published July 16 2011

Right-wingers are outrageous

In response to Marijo Vik’s letter “Dayton’s actions are outrageous” (July 10), what is truly “outrageous” is the response to Minnesota’s budget impasse by these right-wing extremists.

If Minnesotans had wanted a straight up radical right-wing agenda to solve their budget crisis, the voters would have elected a Republican governor along with the Republican majority they sent to the Legislature. Instead they elected Mark Dayton, a Democrat for governor. The message from that was crystal clear: They want a balanced approach, and they want compromise.

Dayton has already compromised. He has already agreed to a lot of the budget cutting butchery that these tea party radicals demand. However, sticking to the campaign promise that he ran and won on, he also believes there needs to be some tax increases as well.

I know these right-wingers want everything their way no matter what. But this isn’t Iran or North Korea where one person or one group gets to decide everything and then ram it down our throat as some sort of dictatorial command. This is America; this is democracy. Live with it.