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Marijo Vik, Published July 10 2011

Dayton’s actions are outrageous

As a Minnesota voter, I am outraged. In 2010 we sent an overwhelming majority of Republicans to the Legislature with the mandate that they balance the state budget through spending cuts – not through excessive spending offset by increased taxes. We opted for a climate to induce job growth and encourage entrepreneurship as the best way to strengthen the economy.

The elected representatives have not let us down. They did what they said they would do – they wrote a balanced budget and did not call for a tax increase.

Now Gov. Mark Dayton has overruled our representatives. In its place, we have some vague ruminations about covering everything by taxing the “upper brackets.” Then we can just go back to spending as usual. Not finding that the Legislature is ready to melt at this suggestion, he now calls for an arbitrator! What did he think the elections were for? We didn’t hold an election so he could call in an outsider to order our priorities for us and dictate our terms.

Dayton envisions himself as an “equal” partner in these negotiations. He feels no compunction in substituting his own personal preferences for the 268 men and women sent from the grassroots of Minnesota. His own election was in grave doubt for several weeks. Instead of signing the bill and keeping the government open, he has decided to shut it down. Dayton is not only an embarrassment, he is also a danger to Minnesota’s economy.